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Producing graphite felt, rigid graphite board and CFC Using in Vacuum Furnace, polysilicon ingot furnace, Monocrystalline Silicon Furnace, inert atmosphere furnaces, crystal growth furnace, multicrystalline DSS, single crystal furnace, High Temperature Sintering Furnace, Directional Solidification System (DSS) furnaces, and much more Thermal Insulation Products for heat insulating.


HaoShi Carbon Fiber Co., Ltd Gansu (HSCF) is the leading manufacturer of PAN-based Carbon Fiber in China, HSCF began to research and industrialize in 1988. From our modern production factories in Central GANSU Province, CHINA, there have the China's largest high-temperature Vacuum Furnaces and entire process of production using computer-controlled temperature. The main products include premium high purity Carbon Fiber (HSCF) based of Carbon fiber board, rigid graphite board, graphite felt, graphite insulation cylinders, and carbon-carbon composites(CFC). Mainly used as insulation in high-vacuum and inert atmosphere furnaces. This kind of high-vacuum is widely used for metal heat treatment, meticulous and ceramic sintering, different kinds of crystallization production, producing optical fiber, and sintering monocrystalline silicon for semiconductors. We pride ourselves in the ability to offer first class technical backup to our customer base, and over the years we have developed close technical partnerships with major fields including Aerospace, Semiconductor, Solar Ingots, Specialist Castings, Metal Composites, Crystal Growing, Hard Metal Sintering, Graphitizing, and the Heat Treat Sectors.


We can also research and develop new carbon materials for special use according to clients' demands.



HaoShi Carbon Fiber Co., Ltd (HSCF)


Andrew Yan --- ������  (Marketing and Sales Director)

Address: NO.94 West Road of Station,  LanZhou City,  GANSU PROVINCE, CHINA

Tel: 0086-931-8893573, 0086-931-8893752, 0086-931-8893760 Fax: 0086-931-8893753

Cell: 0086-150-0250-7210 ,         0086-150-0250-2777           Skype: yan79830

Email:  haoshicf@gmail.com ,      haoshicf@haoshicf.com ,    19660179@qq.com

Web:  www.chinahaoshi.net.cn ,  www.HSCF-Group.com ,     www.haoshicf.com


HSCF Sales Agent & Service in Germany: 

HENSCHKE GmbH Internationale Industrievertretungen

Halevistrasse 27-29, 90768 FUERTH  DAMBACH, Germany

Tel: +49 911 9727 9893  Fax: +49 911 9727 9889


HSCF Sales Agent & Service in America: 

USA OFFICE: China Carbon Graphite Group, Inc.

20955 Pathfinder Road, Suite 200, Diamond Bar, CA 91765

Tel: (909) 843-6518   Fax: (909) 843-6560

Email: ir@chinacarboninc.com

Website:  www.chinacarboninc.com


HSCF Sales Agent & Service in Korea: 


Pangyo Yeok Rd. #98(705-1701), Bundang Gu, Seongnam city, Korea (463-887)

Tel.: (+82) 10-9908-4775


HSCF Sales Agent & Service in India: 


Nickunj Eximp Entp P Ltd

Sri Joravar Bhavan, 93 M. Karve Road, Marine Lines, Mumbai - 400020, India.

Tel : +91 22 22190300   +91 22 43220300  Fax : +91 22 22060415


HSCF Sales Agent & Service in Brasil: 

Stella & Viegas Muniz Rep. Com. Ltda.

Rua Monte Alegre, 663 - cj. 53 São Paulo - SP  - Brasil, zip code  05014-000

Phone:55 11 3926 4655