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Lanzhou Xigu Felting Factory which is the unique factory for manufacturing felts and woolen fabrics of different types in Northwest area was founded in 1988. Its area is 30 thousand square meters.


Lanzhou Carbon Fiber Factory, established in 1994, sets foot in high technology field and mainly developed T300 carbon fiber and other products which are related to carbon fiber.


Lanzhou Golden Carbon/Carbon Fiber Research Institute, established in 2001, mainly researched and developed the carbon fiber products and the high-performance graphite fiber products.They inaugurated the united mode of school-enterprise relying on our domestic famous colleges and universities, and established successfully the experimental base of research and development among colleges anduniversities.


Gansu Haoshi Carbon Fiber Co., LTD was founded in 2003; it mainly develops graphite felt, rigid graphite felt (composite carbon felt) and the terminating products of carbon composite material.


Its annual throughput is the largest in China and annual exports have been more than    the 500 million Yuan. The enterprise has passed the International Quality System Certification  in 2008��ISO9001:2000��.


The products of Haoshi Enterprises have been used in the fields such as aerospace engineering, weapons, vacuum metallurgy, solar photovoltaic new energy system, new chemical materials, electrical and electronic, automobile, communication, sports and so on. The products are sold to abroad like Europe, America, Asia and other regions. Haoshi Enterprise has close contacted with many research institutes and universities. Nowadays, the enterprises of Haoshi are the best known high-tech enterprises which have the most complete products sorts and possessed the strongest team of research and development in our country. The products were prepared according to the Enterprise Standard. The after-sales service systems of our companies stipulate that our professional technicians will arrive at the scene within 48h when our buyers demand the service of our products vended to the buyers in China. The companies of Haoshi will also afford the comprehensive of services include installation and commissioning, maintenance and technical advice. Provide customers with a more satisfactory service are the ultimate goals of Haoshi, which will make Haoshi always stand in the forefront of the market.
The enterprises of Haoshi will always develop with collectivization, brand establishment and industrialization by the technology as a guide and market as a platform. The faith creats brand, innovation opens up future. Haoshi Enterprise is willing to create splendid success with you together!



HaoShi Carbon Fiber Co., Ltd (HSCF)


Andrew Yan --- ������  (Marketing and Sales Director)

Address: NO.94 West Road of Station,  LanZhou City,  GANSU PROVINCE, CHINA

Tel: 0086-931-8893573, 0086-931-8893752, 0086-931-8893760 Fax: 0086-931-8893753

Cell: 0086-150-0250-7210 ,         0086-150-0250-2777           Skype: yan79830

Email:  haoshicf@gmail.com ,      haoshicf@haoshicf.com ,    19660179@qq.com

Web:  www.chinahaoshi.net.cn ,  www.HSCF-Group.com ,     www.haoshicf.com


HSCF Sales Agent & Service in Germany: 

HENSCHKE GmbH Internationale Industrievertretungen

Halevistrasse 27-29, 90768 FUERTH  DAMBACH, Germany

Tel: +49 911 9727 9893  Fax: +49 911 9727 9889


HSCF Sales Agent & Service in America: 

USA OFFICE: China Carbon Graphite Group, Inc.

20955 Pathfinder Road, Suite 200, Diamond Bar, CA 91765

Tel: (909) 843-6518   Fax: (909) 843-6560

Email: ir@chinacarboninc.com

Website:  www.chinacarboninc.com


HSCF Sales Agent & Service in Korea: 


Pangyo Yeok Rd. #98(705-1701), Bundang Gu, Seongnam city, Korea (463-887)

Tel.: (+82) 10-9908-4775


HSCF Sales Agent & Service in India: 


Nickunj Eximp Entp P Ltd

Sri Joravar Bhavan, 93 M. Karve Road, Marine Lines, Mumbai - 400020, India.

Tel : +91 22 22190300   +91 22 43220300  Fax : +91 22 22060415


HSCF Sales Agent & Service in Brasil: 

Stella & Viegas Muniz Rep. Com. Ltda.

Rua Monte Alegre, 663 - cj. 53 São Paulo - SP  - Brasil, zip code  05014-000

Phone:55 11 3926 4655