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Insulating material
Product Name:Insulating material

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Product Type: insulating material
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HSCF GROUP Company Profile


GanSu HaoShi Carbon Fiber(HSCF Group) is a manufacturer and as one of the key enterprises of China as the leading company in the field of Carbon Fiber. HSCF enterprises research and manufacture PAN-based carbon fiber and begun to industrialization producing in China on 1988.The Carbon Fiber has many excellent characteristics, such as light weight, high strength, wear resistance, heat resistant, electrical conductivity and it is used in various kinds of industry extensive application field.

The HSCF Group manages five branch-companies, of which three are to produce Carbon Fiber and Heat Insulation Materials in addition to one Scientific Research laboratory Institute and one import and export company.The main products include those Carbon Fiber of premium high purity Carbon Fibre (HSCF) based with Carbon fiber board, graphite felt, rigid graphite board,soft carbon felt, CFC, and 70% of manufactured products are exported in more than 30 countries of the world. Our products mainly used as insulation in high-vacuum and inert atmosphere furnaces. This kind of high-vacuum is widely used in the fields of metal heat treatment, meticulous and ceramic sintering, different kinds of crystallization production, the optic fiber producing and sintering of the monocrystalline silicon of the semiconductor, usually it is high-vacuum or inert atmosphere furnace. Since these furnaces working temperature is extremely high, the insulation material which can bear such temperature heat is necessary. Meanwhile, for economizing energy, the heat insulation material with good quality becomes the inevitable choice. We pride ourselves in the ability to offer a first class technical back up to our customer base, and over the years we have developed close technical partnerships with major clients in Aerospace, Semiconductor, Automotive, Specialist Castings, Metal Composites, Crystal Growing, Hard Metal Sintering, Graphitising and the Heat Treat Sectors.

From our modern production plant in Central GANSU province,CHINA,we produce a comprehensive range of low and medium density Carbon fiber heat insulation products. There is the largest high-temperature vacuum Furnace of the CHINA in the factory and the entire process of production using computer-controlled temperature. At present HSCF can supply you continuous filaments of PAN based carbon fiber, chopped carbon fiber and carbon fiber powder, carbon cloth with various weaves, graphite cloth, rayon based carbon fiber cloth, PAN based carbon felt, graphite felt, carbon fiber cord,all kinds of composite felt, CFC materials and special-shaped graphite products, pyrolytic graphite coated on the surface of products and so on. The quality products, a good assortment of products for customers to choose from, excellent service are well received by many users.

HSCF can also research and develop new carbon materials (including composite materials) for special uses according to clients' demands.


GanSu HaoShi Carbon Fibre (HSCF) supplied to listed industries and for various applications.